Visual Mile War Room

War Room - Think Outside the Box

Visit our custom War Room facility to develop your business strategy. Think outside the box, brainstorm ideas and look at your business and technological development with the assistance of experts.

Training and Development

Training & Development

Alongside technological advancement, people are the engine to keep ahead of the game. Get your staff ready to adapt, initiate and innovate to reach their potential and to be a valuable contributor in the company.

Executive Coaching

Business Coaching

We train and coach business leaders to become pioneers who take their business or their career to the next level. Achieving personal and professional potential is not down to skill and ability alone.

Visual Mile

About Visual Mile Training

In Visual Mile we are all about innovation and advancement. We believe companies thrive when investing in teams and technology. Capitalise on the latest technological tools in order to set your company up for future success and invest in staff training so that they reach their potential and progress the business.

Alongside our successful Visual Mile Tech arm for online presence, optimisation and marketing, we assist companies with their ongoing development in two ways:

The Visual Mile War Room
Come to our designated brainstorm and think tank environment to plan and strategise your company’s online future, branding and technological development.

Visual Mile Training
Cutting-edge and bespoke training in leadership, communication and change management for teams and individuals to become pioneers for the business in a changing world.

Training and Consulting

Creative, innovative, successful companies don’t stand still nor sit on the fence about their own development.

Visual Mile assists companies to reinvent themselves or break new ground, making full use of the latest technological advances and business psychology.

We recognise how many businesses waste money as a result of lack of innovation, lack of integrated planning and cohesion between teams and leaders and lack of online knowledge and expertise.

Training and consulting offers the opportunity to plan and manage change with experts, enhance skill and bring out talent for future success.

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